Cooler Trailers Superior Design- Small refrigerated trailers

Cooler Trailers build superior small refrigerated trailers visit here for more info or visit our website Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos: Follow us on Facebook here: This audio is an overview of how small refrigerated trailers built by Cooler Trailers can save you thousands instantly and explode growth in your business today!
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Cooler Trailers Superior Design- Small refrigerated trailers


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Apr 27, 2015

Are you still looking for thermo king codes and chasing down thermo king manuals to get your equipment back up and running again?
If your load is 8000 lbs or less than listen up this could save you thousands.

Cooler Trailers have been taking people out of small refrigerated vans and small refrigerated trucks since 1998 and saving them tens of thousands of dollars that drop directly to your bottom line. Our 110 volt transport refrigeration unit is less expensive to own and maintain. Any basic refrigeration tech in your area can service with parts from your local supply house and maintain for at least $100/hr less than you currently spend with over the road transport refrigeration.

Our transport refrigeration units will freeze or cool with just 110 volt 12 amps and easily plug into any 110 volt outlet while parked or use our extended tongue platform on the trailer for a 5500 watt generator to power while making deliveries.

Checkout and see why so many Fortune 500 Companies and other smart businesses use Cooler Trailers to take there business to the next level.
We believe that superior design leads to superior function leads to superior results and if your profits are tied to the product inside, you owe it to yourself to work smarter not harder. Stop chasing down thermo king parts or looking for thermo king codes and start enjoying the competitive edge that Cooler Trailers can provide your business.

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